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Helter Skelter – Vincent Buglioisi | Book Review

helter skelter book review

As an inquisitive reader, I have a tendency to fixate on certain genres. Often a particular subject or an individual writer, exhaustively reading around it before moving on to something else that has piqued my interest.

The majority of what I read is non-fiction. I find reality a lot more interesting than fiction, being drawn towards subjects of people or culture, particularly ‘subcultures’ and people who sit outside of what is considered ‘normal’. But then I suppose nobody wants to read about the most normal, beigest, or mundane characters, do they?

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Book Reviews

Becoming – Michelle Obama | Book Review

becoming michelle obama world of books staff book review

Reading autobiographies

When it comes to autobiographies I tend to go for the ones that allow me to experience life vicariously through the author’s experiences. This usually leads me down the path of rock stars or footballers. Their hedonistic tales are ones that seem so out of this realm that they’re on the verge of fiction. The ones that are as far removed from the 9-5 rat race, the better.

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