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Fantasy Lands Inspired by the Real World

Fantasy books are one of our favourite ways to escape our own reality. Delving into a magical kingdom, a mystery world, or an alternative universe can provide us with adventures never before anticipated from our blue and green rock. But what if we told you that many of your favourite fantasy lands are based on real-life – and visitable – places? Continue Reading

General Chatter

Our Favourite Children’s Illustrators

our favourite children's illustrators

They say “never judge a book by its cover”, and while this may be true, there are those among us that will always look at the illustrations of a children’s book before even reading the blurb. We’ve handpicked a selection of our favourite illustrators and the books which showcase their most magnificent illustrations. In a lot of cases, its the perfect illustrations that make the books truly timeless.

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Celebrating Winnie the Pooh Day

Celebrating A. A. Milne

By Rebecca Reed

Celebrating our love of Winnie the Pooh day and of course A.A Milne’s birthday, here at World of Books we love nothing more than a classic and what could be a better classic than one which has gone through each generation since its creation in 1926? That is indeed A.A Milne’s glorious collection of Winnie the Pooh stories. Continue Reading