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Top Five: Troubled Teens

Some of the most memorable teenage literary characters are not heroic or inspiring. Coming of age stories often portray the worst sides of adolescence in curious ways. Whether it’s the old familiar and mostly harmless angst-fest or a sadistic moralless teenage rampage, we’ve listed our top five troubled teens in modern and contemporary fiction.

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Top Fives

Life Lessons from Literary Dads

In honour of Father’s Day 2019, we’re taking a look at fathers, step-fathers, or simply strong male role models in the literary world. Check out our post from last year to read about our favourite literary dads. Characters who act as fathers not only speak to their children in the stories, but to every reader too. We can learn a lot from our literary dads, and there are so many to list, but we’ve picked out our top five life lessons from literary dads. Continue Reading

Top Fives

Top Five: Sagacious Sleuths

In the first of our new series, we present our Top Five Sagacious Sleuths. These are the sleuths who stand out the most in literary memory: the detectives who don’t give up and who approach each case with their own eccentricity and quirks. Continue Reading