Impact and Sustainability

Spotlight on Turning Tides

spotlight on turning tides

What is Turning Tides?

Turning Tides is a community-led organisation which works to end homelessness in Worthing and the surrounding areas. Starting with four Christians who decided to visit the local homeless people to give them soup, sleeping bags and blankets. These acts of kindness grew into Worthing Churches Homeless Projects in 1992, providing buildings to house the homeless.

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Book Reviews

Blood Orange – Harriet Tyce | Book Review

blood orange book review

My love for reading spans many genres but my favourites are crime thrillers, romance, fantasy and historical. Check out my last review for Dead at First Sight by Peter James. I have just finished reading Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce, published in 2019 by Wildfire. This novel explores abusive, toxic relationships, painting a very dark story. My pal, Kim, recommended that I read the novel as she couldn’t put it down and she was right!

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Top Fives

Top Five: Fantasy Book Series

top five fantasy book series

With all the uncertainty in the world right now and everyone spending more time stuck indoors than ever before, we all need somewhere to escape. Where better than the fictional worlds of our favourite books? We’ve deep-dived into our fantasy fiction books and pulled out our top five favourite fantasy book series!

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