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One Book Sold Every 6 Seconds at World of Books

For most of us, six seconds can pass almost unnoticed. Indeed, reading this short introduction has probably taken that long.

It’s a fraction of a song, a small part of a scene or an inconsequential passage in a game of football. Six seconds, by and large, isn’t enough time to do much.

However, here at World of Books, that same brief interlude opens the door to new opportunities. Whether through our own site or through any of the other online marketplaces we feature on, we now sell one book every six seconds.

That’s a lot of books, ten a minute in fact. Or we could go further, 600 in an hour, 14,400 in a day or 100,800 in a week. Whatever way you look at it, one book every six seconds is quite a lot.

So where are they all going?

As you probably know, we sell books to customers around the world. Last month alone, our website was visited by people in 124 different countries. It would probably actually take me longer to name 124 countries than it would to deliver a copy of Pride and Prejudice or Oliver Twist to Africa or Asia. That’s the joy of the Internet and globalised delivery services though.

It doesn’t matter that we’re based in a small, Sussex seaside town – anybody can find our second-hand books. A couple of decades ago, this simply wouldn’t have been possible. So once again, a big thank you to Tim Berners-Lee.

Anyway, we don’t want to crow on about our six seconds of fame, so here are some other things that you might do within that same passage of time:

  • Create your very own Vine masterpiece, using Twitter’s latest video app
  • Score a goal, just like Alex Burrows did for the Vancouver Canuks ice hockey team earlier this year
  • If you do particularly well at the Worthing Birdman, then you may get up to 12 seconds of time in the air – although most have less than two.
  • However, if you are having a particularly poor time of it in basketball, you might miss six times in as many seconds – just like these players for Orlando Magic
  • And men absolutely do not think about ‘one thing’ every six seconds.

Thanks of course must go to all of our fantastic customers, who keep coming back time and time again to get their preloved books. Without you, we wouldn’t have a reason to celebrate every six seconds!

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