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Twisted – Steve Cavanagh | Book Review

A bit about me

Hi, I am Becky and I work at WoB HQ in the marketing team. I love to read crime and thriller fiction as I love to keep guessing until the very end. Many find most thriller fiction predictable and some of it is (yet this doesn’t detract from it being a favourite genre for me). I have the perfect book just for you that will have you guessing until the last page.

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It’s okay to not like Game of Thrones… Right?

It's okay to not like Game of Thrones, right?

By Sarah Kneath

Okay, so before you go all Cersei Lannister on me – hear me out. I am a fantasy fiction fan. Dragons? Love them. Magic tales? Yes please, I’d read them 100 times over. I have read Lord of the Rings more times than I’d care to count, Terry Pratchett makes my sides aches from laughter and don’t even get me started on Harry Potter, as I would just. Never. Stop. Continue Reading