We’re talking about – ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Following on from our review of ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald this week, we asked a local book group who read the book for their opinion.

I liked it. I thought it was beautifully written and it kept me hooked the whole way through. I didn’t really want it to end!”

It was good! I liked the fact that the main character of Gatsby doesn’t actually appear until 50 pages into the book, it just hypes up this image of a partying, unobtainable and mysterious guy. When you find out that his story stems from love, he becomes a great protagonist

I wasn’t sure about this book. I just found it dull and boring. There was nothing in it that captured my imagination and the ending was just a complete flop. I felt deflated after reading it which isn’t exactly the way you should probably feel about a book

I’m interested to know how the film director will interpret ‘The Great Gatsby’. With no emotion towards the characters inferred in the book, it’ll be hard to get a cinema audience to care about their fates if they’re portrayed so unemotionally. However, I think there is room for people to take what they want from this novel – some people will draw the moral of the inconsequential and meaningless nature of wealth and possessions, and some people will just enjoy the love story

I hated it! I didn’t even finish it if I’m honest…Ooops…”

Why not let us know what you think? Not read the book yet or want to remind yourself of it? Grab a copy from World of Books and get talking about it today!

Also of note to any of you are avid fans of this book – ‘The Great Gatsby’ is being made into a film due to be released this summer and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, so don’t miss out.
Scene from the film

A scene from the film remake of ‘The Great Gatsby’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy (released Summer 2013)

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