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Murder on the Orient Express 0

Murder on the Orient Express | A Review

By Rebecca Reed My first Poirot experience. I went into this movie with fresh eyes, I have not seen any other adaptations of this story, nor have I read the book. I personally love...


Our Best Books of the Year So Far

By Sarah Kneath We’re halfway through the year, what better time is there to look back and reflect on some of the best books we’ve read so far this year… 13 Reason’s Why by...


Books that we are reading right now

Here at World of Books, we are passionate about all thing book related. We often have discussions at World of Books HQ about what we are all currently reading. Check out our current bookish...


Cooking Up a Storm | Our Favourite Cookbooks

As the 13th series of Masterchef comes to a dramatic close (don’t worry – no spoilers here) we got to thinking here at World of Books, what are our go to cookery books and...


The BFG and Me

By Sarah Pont – Customer Marketing Manager From a very young age I was encouraged by my parents to read books and lots of them, because to me it never felt like a chore...