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Seven Reasons to buy Used Books 4

Seven reasons to buy used books

By Rebecca Reed, CRM Executive As a used bookseller, we really do find that buying used books is the way to go. Our seven reasons below are a great starting point for getting to...


Beautiful Bookishly Themed Weddings

By Sarah Kneath With the wedding season in full-swing, we’ve been having a look at book-inspired and themed weddings. From the beautiful centre-pieces, to the literary inspired invitations… There are some truly stunning ideas...

Wonderful World of Books 2

Wonderful World of Books

By Sarah Kneath World of Books was established by a group of dedicated book lovers and specialise in selling quality used books at competitive prices to millions of customers worldwide each year. We appreciate...


World of Books News | Used Wholesale Books

By Rebecca Reed Here at World of Books we are very proud of the fact we are the largest online retailer through the UK and Europe with over 2.5 million customers. Are you aware...