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A Man Called Ove – Fredrik Backman |Book Review

a man called ove review

I was first introduced to the grump that is Ove by my aunty who’s a librarian and has dedicated most of her working life to encouraging teenagers and young adults to read more books. I hadn’t heard of A Man Called Ove before, nor the author and columnist Fredrik Backman; both had completely bypassed my radar when the novel was first published back in 2012. I picked it up in my *ahem* early 30s and I wasn’t disappointed with the recommendation.

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How To Be More...

How to be more… Elizabeth Bennet

With the new ITV adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, Sanditon, we take the opportunity to look back at one of the most memorable Austen characters: Elizabeth Bennet. Landing into the literary world in the 1813 publication of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet is a stand-out character, full of zest and vivacity. We break down her best traits to find out how to be more Elizabeth Bennet.

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General Chatter

Back to School Reading List for Kids

back to school reading list

The autumn term has finally arrived and all the kids big and small are settling into their new school year. Whether you’ve got a herd of teens heading off to college and university or a tiny tot learning the ropes in their nursery, books are an amazing way to keep them afloat. Our back to school reading list is here to help. At World of Books, we believe that reading is the best activity to fill up the hours, escape or connect, and learn. Whatever your children are into, we’ve got just the book!

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Top Fives

Top Fives: LGBT+ Novels

top fives lgbt+ novels world of books blog

Literature plays a significant role in raising awareness of social issues that affect our lives and the lives of people around us. The representation of LGBT+ characters is extremely significant in all kinds of media. Non-heterosexual characters have been written about for as long as humans have written stories, however, there are some books which affirm equality in love in such powerful ways that we want to shine a light on them. In this vein, we have chosen our top fives novels with LGBT+ main characters and themes.

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Book Reviews

Becoming – Michelle Obama | Book Review

becoming michelle obama world of books staff book review

Reading autobiographies

When it comes to autobiographies I tend to go for the ones that allow me to experience life vicariously through the author’s experiences. This usually leads me down the path of rock stars or footballers. Their hedonistic tales are ones that seem so out of this realm that they’re on the verge of fiction. The ones that are as far removed from the 9-5 rat race, the better.

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