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WWII letter discovered in a secondhand book

WWII letter found in second hand book

Discovering a piece of World War II history

At World of Books Group, we have discovered a moving and poignant hand-written letter from a British World War II soldier who was serving in Italy.

The note, written to thank a schoolgirl who had spent time knitting mittens for troops in the trenches, was found tucked away inside a book. During the war, those on the home front were encouraged to knit comforts for serving soldiers, with widespread initiatives run by organisations such as the British Red Cross. See photos of the WWII letter below, read the transcript here!

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Book Reviews

Playing Nice – JP Delaney | Book Review

playing nice j p delaney

It’s Vanessa, the lover of crime fiction, back again with another book review. Check out my last review of Harriet Tyce’s compelling debut, Blood Orange. I’m here reviewing another new thriller, JP Delaney’s Playing Nice. I enjoyed reading other JP Delaney books, with The Perfect Wife and The Girl Before as firm favourites. This new psychological thriller, Playing Nice, was published in August 2020. Still pretty hot off the press, it is perfect reading for colder, darker nights!

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10k Instagram Follower Giveaway

world of books giveaway

Why a giveaway?

Our community of book lovers is very important to us. Interacting with people from all over the world via our social media – in particular, Instagram – has enabled us to connect with our customers and followers in numerous ways. From fun polls about favourite characters to beautiful book stack challenges, we’ve got to know everyone a little bit better.

This year has been a difficult one for most of us. As a second-hand bookseller, we are so proud to see people turning to literature to find inspiration, seeking out favourite stories for comfort, and exploring new genres for escapism.

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Impact and Sustainability

The Journey of a Book

journey of a book

At World of Books, we were founded on an ethos to do good, help charities, and protect the planet; it’s what we’re all about. Because of this, the journey of a book can be a wild one!

We get our books from a number of sources. Last year, we generated £3 million in value for our charity partners, who provide us with many of our books. We use book banks and our customers can even trade-in their used books using our Ziffit service. This is the circular economy in action.

Our books go on quite a journey, and it’s our job to ensure whatever journey they go on, their end destination makes a meaningful and sustainable impact.

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